Informed by the principles of good design, we look to enrich people’s lives through encouraging rituals and connecting through the 5 senses.

Barisieur Coffee Machine

Founded in 2016, Barisieur is a brand driven by design, experience and exceptional quality. Designed by product designer Joshua Renouf when he was at university, the Barisieur journey started after Josh shared his design online and it rapidly went viral.

 We are motivated by playful designs, which encourage interaction and induce a cherished relationship between the product and the user. 

Our objective has always been to challenge the norm by combining technology with premium materials that are made to last and age gracefully with the user.

Reconnecting people with reality, through tangible experiences.

Richard Branson Barisieur Virgin

 After global news outlets such as CNN and Fox News reached out to him, Josh decided to launch the Barisieur on Kickstarter. It was a rollercoaster journey, with numerous occasions where it looked like Josh wouldn’t reach his ambitious target of £360,000.

A week before the end of the crowd-funding campaign, Virgin StartUp got in touch and arranged a meeting between Josh and Richard Branson. The success of this meeting helped lead to Kickstarter making the Barisieur ‘project of the day’. Josh ended up crawling over the line with minutes to spare by £3,000. He had done it…

Manufacturing & Tooling

Josh moved the campaign over to Indiegogo Demand and continued to raise money and pre-orders which ended up approaching $1,000,000. The team grew and the Barisieur went into production before Christmas 2017. The product was delivered to the backers in April 2018.


It is our mission to focus on our consumers' evolving needs of well-being; while promoting creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.


What's next?

The Barisieur now features in such places like Ace Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel. Supplying to the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, Jacobs Coffee, Audi and 2,000 lucky backers across the globe in 2018.