Barisieur White

Barisieur White

Barisieur White


Tea or Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock - Glassware that sits on a rubberwood timber tray on top of a matte black base. The milk vessel cools through a peltier cooler and is activated by an infrared sensor. There is a drawer to store both coffee and tea with an integrated lid and spoon.

  • Voltage 220V - 240V 
  • Length of Cord 1.2M
  • Glass is Dishwasher safe
  • Spare Parts HERE

    Product focus

    • Brew

      Tested by top tea & coffee connoisseurs and the brew has been rated as 5/5

    • Alarm Setting

      The Barisieur has a standard alarm to wake you up up in the morning, you can turn the volume up and down for this.

    • Temperature

      Water boils in 3-5 mins and pours over the coffee or tea at optimum temperature of 94C

    • Refrigeration

      Cools the Milk vessel over night to keep milk fresh (5°C -8°C)

    Technical specifications

    • Plug Type E & G

      The Barisieur arrives with both an EU & UK Kettle plug

    • Voltage

      The Barisieur is available in both 220V - 240V & 110V - 127V

    • Time

      Available in 24hr and 12 hr clock. The clock display automatically dims at night-time.

    • Equation

      Use 1.5-2 scoops of fine ground coffee (espresso works)

      Use 2-3 scoops of loose leaf tea